Cadence Program

Paraíba Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology is a member of the Cadence University Program. This allows the use of Cadence software for research and learning at IFPB.

The Cadence software is used on the following undergraduate courses:

The Cadence Software is also used in the PEM initiative - Projects for Excellence in Microelectronics:

The PEM initiative (Projects for Excellence on Microelectronics) has been created in 2016 and involves researchers from the Paraíba Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology, the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG) and the federal University of Alagoas, aiming at establishing a model for human resources education, research, development and innovation within the area of microelectronics in Brazil, mainly in Northeast. The PEM defines guidelines and methodologies for establishing projects in public institutions with financial resources from companies benefiting from the Informatics Law. In practice, the projects are executed by each public institution independently, with its own resources and specificities, but always based on the reference model established by UFCG. Different companies can invest in microelectronics projects following the same PEM reference model, what enables increasing the number of human resources trained and researches that result in innovation of great impact for the northeast region as well as for the whole country. The model has been previously presented and validated to SEPIN/MCTi and is included in the priority areas of the Federal Government for Science, Technology and Innovation. Also, the model is compliant with the specific rules to enable projects for receiving financial resources from additional obligation of investment in R&D within Microelectronics area.

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